I believe that living your soul’s purpose and a life filled with joy and fulfillment is for everyone. We are all capable and deserving of living a life that we truly desire. 

To be able to do so we must have the courage to dive deep within, to look at our past experiences, own them, release what is needed and claim our power.

Start asking yourself what is it that I actually want?


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My dharma/soul's purpose is to help and inspire other’s to step into their fullest expression, connect to their POWER and inner wisdom and live a life filled with joy, fulfillment and purpose 🫢🏼

Deep connection and being able to be myself fully is something I’ve been seeking my whole life and that is why it is my life's mission to create a space where people around me feel seen and heard in everything that they are.

By being a certified Business, Soul purpose and Spiritual Life Coach I help people on their journey back to remembering the beautiful being that they are. To connect to their own wisdom and intuition and learn how to embody their dharma whether that is in their personal life or career.

If you seek to get someone by your side, to guide and support you on your journey, my 1:1 coaching is for YOU!

Apply below and let’s hop on a discovery call to see if we are a good fit for each other!

I coach in English, Swedish and Finnish.

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"Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart πŸ’œ

I really needed this… It’s like that fear that grips you right before you make a jump on the spring board. So grateful to have your practical yet un-judging support πŸ₯°"

1:1 coaching
Yae-Ahn Park

"For me, the courage to be myself has strengthened the most during this course. That I realize that I can be just the way I am, as long as I myself know who I am and what I want and what things make me happy, then the opinions of others no longer affect πŸ˜„" 

Find your Inner voice course Spring 2022

"How powerful and valuable to have a coach who can see through my confused thought pattern and guide me into clarity! I had a great moment of epiphany and mindset shift through Coach Mathilda's coaching sessions. Whenever I felt frustrated or stuck in the downward spiral, Coach Mathilda was there to help me pull myself back out of the deep trench. The shift in my perspective encouraged by Mathilda's insightful questions is such a game changer.

I am always amazed by the new surge of energy I get when I can turn my perspective around with Coach Mathilda's guidance. Whatever the challenge and limiting beliefs I might be facing, I know I can count on Coach Mathilda to guide me through finding the most empowered way to not only overcome the challenge but also turn it into a growth opportunity.

Having a wise soul like Coach Mathilda who can support me to become the most authentic self has been a truly magical and rewarding experience! I'd encourage everyone to experience this empowering experience in one's life, especially if you're going through a transformational period in your life." 

1:1 coaching
Yae-Ahn Park 

"I’ve had a privilege to participate with a first rapé ceremony that Mathilda offered and having my previous experiences I can say it was one of the most personal and activating one. Mathilda created a very intimate and safe space, gave me a good guidance throughout and hold space in a very comforting way. I felt my heart opening, energy stream filling my body along the spine and in my limbs. We experienced that’s same stream of energy, which was a profound evidence that Mathilda was so accurately attuned. Such a beautiful moment we’ve shared!"

Kasia Gawelko

"Mathilda is a great coach who truly hears what you are saying, she's able to ask the right questions so that you can get to the answer that lies deep within. She also has good knowledge on many many topics. With her help, I managed to get a clearer insight on my relationship and what drives my reactions. She also helped me with setting up my goals and familiarized me with different types of goals. As with everything in life, it is you who must do the actual work, but it is so much easier to do with the right guidance and Mathilda would be just that." 

1:1 coaching

"I myself notice quite a big change between my current being and what I was before this course. I've had a lot of aha experiences and I've gotten closer to my own inner harmony. I notice that the higher consciousness is more present. <3"

Find you Inner Voice course Spring 2022


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